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The company was founded with one thing in mind—to recreate the flavor, character, and quality of pre-Sandinista Nicaraguan tobacco. This was necessary, because the Sandinistas had a terrible impact on the cigar industry. Previously fertile fields fell fallow, followed by years of painful neglect.

Fortunately for this big beautiful world of ours, this was not irreversible. The cigar master grower Arcenio Ramos of Cuba arrived in Nicaragua just in time to re-cultivate the legendary fields of the Jalapa Valley and the Esteli region. His partners in enterprise, Chandito and Cuban agronomist Jacinto, form an impeccable team of cigar makers that have resurrected the old fields to their former glory.

Every Illusione is made from first generation Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 seed tobaccos. Everyone is wrapped in Café Colorado wrappers and triple-capped in the old Cuban style. This makes this brand a favorite of veteran smokers who still favor the old Cuban blends, and also a rising favorite of new smokers.